Review – Is it a Scam

Honestly I do like the overall concept of The only downside to is the type of traffic it will bring to your website. If you’ve ever used a traffic exchanges you quickly learn and understand the problems people run into using them. The common problem with traffic exchanges is that there are a lot of sellers and not enough buyers. The reason for this is because almost everyone who joins does this to promote their own website(s).

The Upside to

The upside to is that you have a list of visitors who are all interested in easy to implement money making opportunities. That being said there’s one thing I’ve learned about these particular visitors and that is they’re all looking for an easy automated way to make money online.  “Set it and forget it” what does that mean to you? To me this means I can do anything and be anywhere and have money coming into my bank account, it means freedom and the life everybody dreams about. If the website you’re affiliated with can convey this message clearly may have the right audience for you to advertise too.

Final thoughts on

Personally I don’t feel as though Success QUIK has the type of traffic you should use if you’re trying to promote your “dog grooming” website. In my opinion Success quik is best used for promoting programs that offer fast riches. One thing I want to point out regarding websites that promise fast riches is that make sure the site you’re promoting actually pays its members. Don’t forget that just like you’re doing now there are people that do there research before buying into anything.

As it stands now is not a scam but it might not be for everyone. Please leave your comments or your experiences with below by sharing you help others.

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