Review – Is it a scam?

Success With Anthony ( is a website that promotes an affiliate marketing training designed by a known internet marketing guru, Anthony Morrison, the author of Advertising Profits from Home.

The website has a video presenting Morrison traveling the country, visiting 3 people who have never earned money online before. He claims to have personally trained these people who have then started earning online. The video aims to show to people that they too can make money online through his affiliate marketing program.

Success With Anthony Program

The program, which originally costs $99, can be purchased at a discounted price of $49 by those who are willing to start today. Morrison claimed that this program is as good as being trained by himself.

The program, which comes with step-by-step training and email consultation with Morrison, centers on the three factors of success: the right motivation, the right mindset, and the right education.

Final thoughts on

Affiliate marketing is perhaps one of the most popular ways of earning money online. An example of affiliate marketing is link posting, a practice where one earns whenever a sale is obtained through the link posted. The money earned is through the commission provided by the company. is not the first website to offer an affiliate marketing training. It’s in fact just among the growing number of websites offering this kind of program. Before you sign up in any of these websites, it would be best to look up for free resources first and see whether this opportunity suits you.

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