SuperMailSecrets Scam

I’m not a fan of paid membership sites or turnkey systems I find that they cost more money than they bring in. If you have to pay to join a money making system in my opinion you have already doing business backwards. The only people that usually profit from these things are the owners and their family members. Also when you start talking Direct mail I would recommend learning about Vince James who was convicted felon who made millions in the Direct Mail industry.

The reason I recommend reading about Vince James is because he completely exposes the industry and explains the business for what it is. If you lack information you will always be a victim of the multiple streams of income opportunities. When it comes to direct mail I can honestly say with complete certainty that you DO NOT need a Turn Key System. It sounds like a move in the wrong direction in my opinion especially in business such as Direct Mail.

The Super Mail Secrets Price

Now obviously if want to get the most out of anything you would go with the best plan and there best plan is well over $2000. For $2000 you can start your own direct mail company actually you could start your own direct mail company for less. I knew this would happen sooner or later in terms of people trying to “systematize” the direct mail industry.

All I can say is every person that’s become a millionaire or billionaire from direct mail all OWNED their own Direct Mail business they didn’t pay someone to be a part of their business, so if you really plan on getting into Direct mail I don’t recommend you sign up with Joe Blows Get rich Direct Mail marketing scheme. I recommend learning the Direct Mail industry on your own. I’m currently in it although at the moment it’s not a full time thing because my automated online business is more profitable.

Through the help of Vince James I’ve had several successful direct mail advertisements in popular magazines, I will say that Direct mail takes some commitment and if you’re going to really get into it you’re going to have to give it some serious effort. You will also encounter this problem if you join any multiple streams of income opportunity. If you’re looking at as some sort of investment that doesn’t require your effort I think you better think twice before signing up.

That’s my main reason for staying away from MLM’s, Matrix’s, and any other make money membership program. They will require your attention and devotion, the same type of attention and devotion required to start your OWN business, and the worst part is when you join these programs your making their name bigger when in fact you could have used this same amount of time to promote your own business I personally find this businesses to be very undesirable, but that doesn’t mean it won’t work for you.

My Final Take on SuperMailSecrets

I recommend freedom and education to my clients I go by the lesson of “teach a man to fish and feed him for a lifetime” if you like direct mail and you would rather follow someone Else’s system seems to have a good system in place. If you’re looking for an automated business consider visiting and watching my free 5 day video course explaining the online art of automation. I will also follow this information up with in expensive solutions to fully automate your online business. The only skill that you will require is leadership ability because eventually you follow my business plan you will be profitable enough to have other people working for you!

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