Supply chain affecting Canadian publishers, booksellers? Why Haven’t They Considered Digital Books? – November 15, 2021,

So, yeah, one of the reasons I’ve made it a mission to promote financial education, has to do with some of the silly problems created by the Canadian government that are only beginning to make public discussion because of COVID-19. When it comes to publishing books, Canadians shouldn’t have to rely on foreign nations, that’s silly, and if this problem exists it exists because of government regulations.

Regarding logistics of selling physical books, well, I’ve been writing about Canada Post for years now, a person shipping from China is quoted better PARCEL prices from Canada Post than are Canadian businesses? Economies of scale Canada Post will argue, which is fair, but if that’s the case, they shouldn’t be granted Crown Corporation status. a State-owned enterprise should be for the benefit of the people who allow it that privilege.

Any way to avoid going on a rant, I’ll give Canadians my personal basic method on how to sell PHYSICAL books while costs rise. First things first-transparency with customers, don’t bother hiding the truth from them, if you’re a bookseller, you and I both know the ignorance of the average Canadian consumer, stop doing what Canada Post advises by blending your price with the true cost of shipping.

Pass the cost over to the consumer and I recommend having a digital version of your book as the option for your customers to save on shipping and handling charges. Depending on what price you charge, the margins will be the same or even better for the writer with a digital book

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I’m a huge supporter of eBook Designer which allows me to print physical books in digital format. To save your customers money, you want to give them the option of a digital book. I personally hate selling books on Amazon but eBook Designer allows you the ability to do so.

But you can also sell digital ebooks on your own website. Now, because I do this for a living I’m also subscribed to the Squibble eBook Designing and Ebook Publishing all in one software, but it’s not cheap and not necessary if you’re not going to sell books on your own website. If you sell books on other platforms, eBook Designer is enough.

The business strategy is simple customers must pay the true retail price of the book and if they don’t want to pay the higher government costs, give them the option to purchase a digital book. A lot of people have Kindles, digital book readers, Ipads, Chromebooks, etc I’ve seen many a child reading a book in digital format. It’s not to say digital should be your only format, but it should be an option available to your customers.

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As governments destroy supply chains, what’s likely to happen in the future is permanent inflation for consumers, and you can lower costs for your customers by offering a digital alternative. Think of it like this Instead of using mail, offer direct deposit  the customer can opt not to purchase the digital version but they’ll have to pay the higher costs. Do not worry about competition, trust in your abilities as a writer. If things continue on the path they’re on now, eventually everyone is going to have to raise their prices, so consider having a cheaper, and more efficient digital alternative for your customers now!

Supply chain affecting Canadian publishers, booksellers | CBC

Interesting times ahead