Review – Is it a scam?

Survey Club of is a research company that pays its members with rewards for every study that they participate in. It works the same way as with other research companies out there as it requires prospective members to create a profile in their website. Signing up is free and all information provided in their website will be used to match its members with the marketing study conducted by its partner companies.

More about Survey Club

Paid surveys are no longer new. They have been existing for years as a way for companies to find out the opinion of their consumers. In this way, they are able to validate their idea. By learning the opinion of their consumers, companies can figure out if they need to do some changes on their current or upcoming products and services. To easily seek out their target for these studies, they hire market research companies like the Survey Club. They pay these companies for gathering prospective subjects and in turn, these companies pay the participants.

Making money from these paid survey opportunities is a common way of making money online. However, the payout for this kind of side gig is usually not that big so it remains as a way to make extra money and not really to replace your full-time job.

Final thoughts on

The good thing about Survey Club is that it’s free to sign up. It basically works the same way as with other market research companies – you sign up as a member, pick a study you qualified to participate in, and you will be rewarded after doing it. Members can redeem the cash rewards via PayPal, Amazon gift card, or check. Overall, Survey Club seems like a good website that you can try to extra make money on the side.

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