Review – Is it a scam? is the official website of Survey Compare. It claims to gather the most trusted survey paid survey companies available out there. According to the people behind the website, it gathers the most trust-worthy paid survey companies so that you can easily sign up with them. It further claimed that using their service doesn’t require to pay not even a single penny.

More about Survey Compare

Answering surveys online are among the oldest forms of earning money online. While it’s a legit way of making money at home, some companies are taking advantage of it and offer customers with too good to be true income claims. Many people are lured into this kind of money-making opportunity only to end up in scams.

With the way it seems Survey Compare is not in itself a survey company but rather a medium for you to sign up to trusted survey companies. Thus, whatever transaction you may have with the company is out of its accountability. Whether the survey company is legit or not, it totally depends on your judgment.

Final thoughts on

Whenever you come across a website that offers too good to be true income claims simply by answering surveys, run as fast as you can from them. Yes, you can earn from answering surveys but the income’s not too big compared to other vehicles of making money at home. As with, it seems to be a good aggregate site for the trusted survey companies.

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