Taking Surveys For Money Scam

Is taking surveys for money one complete scam? absolutely not but there are a few things you should know if you are thinking about using this method to make money online and work from home.

Don’t Pay To Be Paid

I know the common belief is that in order to get value you have to pay. Unfortunately this is commonly not the case when you get involved in web surveys. Things to remember if you ever find a website that is asking you for money to get paid to take online surveys then you know this is an online web surveys database which basically means you will be paying to get a big long list of survey sites.

When you see a website saying you can make $5 -$175 per web survey what they actually mean is if you sign up for their database they will give a list of survey sites that claim to pay between $5 – $75 per survey. Although i am no longer active in web surveys one thing i learned in my 6 years of doing online web surveys is that you won’t see many surveys that pay more than $3.

My Recommendation

Another reason you should not pay for a survey database is because you have to qualify to take surveys first they pre qualify you then they ask you a few questions and then the survey begins this is why in my opinion none should ever have to pay to take online surveys for money. Because it might take you month’s before you make back you initial investment.

Now how i used to do it is i signed up for every survey company i could find and then as time passed i saw which ones we’re sending me the most offers. The more you do online surveys also is the more how you understand how the process works. Another thing is online survey companies are not desperate so if you are inactive  the quickly move on.

To avoid being scammed i created a website that is free to join and a place where users can sign up for free to join survey sites. It’s not the best site in the world but i made it to save you time. i’ve included paid to shop websites and also paid to read email sites, i’ve also made it so each  person from a specific country can sign up for a survey site which is another thing i forgot to mention in this post web surveys companies are usually region specific like Australia and the united States usually won’t have the same type of survey opportunities. For more information visit the link below.