Review – Is it a scam?

Surveys and Friends of is a website that tells you that you can earn between $500 and $1500 at home simply by answering surveys. However, this website doesn’t claim to be a market research company. It is a market research portal that will take you to high-paying and legit survey sites where you earn additional income. Signing up in this website though is not free. You need to pay a one-time fee to become a member and take advantage of its benefits.

More about Surveys and Friends

Market research companies are making money through soliciting information from random consumers. The most common form of market research is survey. Companies, in turn, pay those market research companies for those opinion which they can use to come up or change their products or services.

With Surveys and Friends, you will be given with helpful resources to get started with this opportunity. You will be taken to legit survey sites and to the tools used by those who have been taking surveys for years. What’s more, you get to ask for a refund as this is a Clickbank product.

Final thoughts on

As a general rule, market research companies who ask for payment are not legit sites but the thing is, is not a market research site. It is a market research portal site. If you wanted to get to know further about market research, you better look into free resources first.

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