Review – Is it a scam?

Survey Sheep of is a website that provides consumers with access to survey companies. It analyzes your demographic data and personal preferences to match you up with survey companies, on which you could earn extra income from home. However, you need to know that you have to sign up in each of these sites.

Signing up in Survey Sheep is free of charge. Once you have filled up their registration form with your personal data, you will then be provided with a list of survey websites that you can sign up with.

More about Survey Sheep

Online surveys are among the many ways that you could earn money/extra income from home. Your opinion is needed by companies for their market research. Consumers’ opinions will then be used  to come up with a new product/service or simply to improve the current products/services they have. This is one of the crucial elements of marketing that companies are willing to pay anyone who will take part of it.

Survey Sheep is not a market research company. It only acts as a medium between you and survey sites. Matching your demographic data and interests with these sites result to a better market research.

Final thoughts on

Once you sign up with these survey sites, will no longer be held liable for whatever will be your transaction with these sites. Among the things that you should look into when signing up for these websites include their reputation, fee/s involved in signing up (if there is/are any), and the minimal fee required to cash out.

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