Is SwagBucks a Scam

Is SwagBucks a scam not at all it’s a good way to make money online. i tell people allot that if want to make money online the way to go is paid to shop, although that is not the only way to get paid at swagbucks it’s main way people earn there. The main thing to know about SwagBucks and many other websites like it is that they mainly cater to United States Residents

What does that mean for you?

Well it means if you don’t live in the united states you won’t make that much money, it also means that you will probably have to learn to refer people if you don’t only want to get paid to shop. When it comes to online businesses there’s only so much you can do as an owner and SwagBucks does it it’s been around from 2003 – 04 and to be honest when i first heard about it i didn’t think it would last but in fact it’s out lasted and done better than many of the get paid to shop programs out there.

Will SwagBucks Help Me To Work From home Full Time

That’s highly unlikely SwagBucks uses Swag Dollars which people use to purchase things from Swag bucks. You earn swag dollars by using there custom search engine this is the main reason i initially thought this program wouldn’t work. What happens is there search engine has sponsored results which when people click those sponsored results SwagBucks gets paid from it which I think they use to pay there members with swag dollars. which members can use to purchase things.

Also they have there paid to shop feature which it’s ok i mean the reality of swag bucks is that your doing everything with them. I will be honest I almost never login into this place but if your into this sort of thing knock yourself out. By the way SwagBucks is designed there’s no way for it to scam you. I consider it a waste of time but at the same time if you like to shop online it could be a dream come true.

Stealing Swag Bucks lol

There are all sorts of fake codes and such saying they have free swagbucks if your a swagbucks member and you care about your account i recommend you stay away from these places many have gotten caught. i find it a wee bit funny because it reminds me of people stealing from like a walmart online but yes there are theive everywhere. SwagBucks is real stingy on “Swag Bucks” so it’s upto you sign up if you want. note i am not an active member. Also you can only sign up if your from Canada, The united states and the U.K.

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