SweetiesSweeps.com Review – Is it a scam?

If you’re interested in sweepstakes, you may want to check out Sweeties Sweeps which you can find at SweetiesSweeps.com. It has been founded by a woman named Wendy. According to Wendy, she has won several prizes through sweepstakes for years. Some of the most valuable prizes she got were a trip to another country, a truck, and thousands of dollars in cash.

More about Sweeties Sweeps

Wendy claims that through Sweeties Sweeps, she can help people who are looking for ways to win prizes they couldn’t afford. Sweepstakes are often used by several companies as part of their marketing strategy. Hence traditionally, they are played by first buying something from a company.

Since the laws have changed, anyone can play and win even without buying something. It is the aim of Sweeties Sweeps to guide someone new to sweepstakes. According to Wendy, the website can help people land on legit sweepstakes opportunity and avoid scams.

Final thoughts on SweetiesSweeps.com

It’s free to use SweetiesSweeps.com. If the website is true on their claim that they provide useful information about sweepstakes, then this could be a good site to help you navigate the world of sweepstakes. But if the website is making money through affiliate marketing, then you need to be extra careful as they may not be that “picky” when it comes to choosing sweepstakes opportunities to promote.

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