Swipebids.com Scam

is swipebids.com a scam ? In my opinion no but a better question is whether its worth your time and your money. Based on my research i would stay away from online penny auctions. Sure there are winners but there are also a lot more losers and the only people who tend to get rich from or make good money from Penny Auction Websites are the owners.

SwipeBids.com and Penny Auctions Explained.

before you sign up for any penny auctions website there are a few things I think you should understand first. Firs let me explain ebay. at ebay only the winner has to pay for the price of the item. On Penny Auction websites like SwipeBids.com everyone who joins swipebids.com and places a bid pays for the price of the item. Remember there can only be one winner at a penny auction website.

At swipebids you bid with things called “credits” which in reality is your money. These credits are also “NON REFUNDABLE” this is why you will hear many people calling penny auction sites gambling, personally i don’t think it is gambling but its a strong argument.

SwipeBids.ocm is Very time consuming

let me make something clear here people do win at websites like swipebids.com but what winners don’t usually tell you is how time consuming it really was. Just go to swipebids.com and watch how long it takes for a bidding war to end. The timer resets itself more people bid more NON REFUNDABLE credits are lost Swipebids.com makes a ton more money. I won’t call it a scam but if you can follow what i am saying here you can clearly see why people feel these penny aucions sites are scams.

The SwipeBids.com review is it Scam

now in terms of SwipBids.com scamming people i’m hearing all types of cases personally i can’t confirm any of them because i would never sign up to any penny auction website and my reasoning is because of the information I personally know about penny auction websites. Another reason is TIME. Time is precious, time is money i’ve heard people say they spend hours at penny auction sites just to win Vouchers to get more credits lol.

i don’t like people telling me what do with my money so i won’t tell you. Do what you want to do with your time but i am making this post to warn the public not to sign up with swipebids.com. This is my opinion and don’ let my opinion stop you from signing up. SwipeBids i’s not a scam from my understanding but it sure looks like one and i say stay away.

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