review – Is it a scam?

My personal experience with wasn’t the best one I wouldn’t go as far as to call them a scam. What I will say is after review I personally won’t be using their platform anytime soon. From best I can tell they seem legit however based on their delayed responses to my questions I wasn’t that impressed with them. I personally prefer using regulated binary options platforms such as Empire Options for variety of reasons one of the main reasons is their initial deposit amount is a lot less than others. charges a minimum of $200 in any currency if you start with their bronze account

Personal thoughts regarding

I would be lying if I said I was any at all impressed with Sycamore Options in 2013. Maybe because they’re new and have to organize things a bit better not sure however I wasn’t at all impressed with how they organised their information especially their frequently asked questions section which most binary dealers typically make very convenient for their users.

I did like their education videos but in total in comparison to some of the other trading platforms I’ve tried in the past overall I wasn’t that impressed. There is always room to get better and it should be noted that I wrote this post in December 2013 so depending on when you join things might have change, evolved or gotten better.

Final thoughts regarding

Personally I won’t be recommending Sycamore Options at this time I won’t call them a scam the don’t appear to be they seem legit however after reviewing them I will stick with Empire Options for now.

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