Centennial Secured Credit Card

Being that I’ve been in this situation before I can give you the run down on credit and what you need to do to raise it fast. When you get a secured credit card thee idea is to use it and pay it back in full every month don’t miss any payments and if you can’t pay it full every month make sure that you at the very least pay the minimum balance. The best way to increase your credit score is to get or qualify for an unsecured credit card and you do this by building your credit history with the secured credit card.

A good strategy to pay your credit card

The strategy most people are using now a days is getting a secured credit card and making small purchases with it and then paying it back in full until they qualify for a unsecured credit card. If the interest being charged by Centennial is too high seek out another secured credit card like capital one for example. If possible and if you have a bank account try to pay your credit card balance in full the same day you use it and try your best not to let the interest carry forward into the next month because that is when you’ll feel the pain of the high interest fees being charged by almost every secured credit card lender.

Introducing the Account Now Prepaid Visa Card

In terms of the most benefits and the best introductory offer in my opinion nothing beats out the Account Now Prepaid Visa. Why give your money away just so a credit card issuer can charge you interest on your own money? Be smart get the Account Now Prepaid Visa today and enjoy all the perks!

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