Before getting into this type of business i want to make you aware of something and that is you have to learn internet marketing before getting into this endeavor. GDI is not a scam but Brian Bear the person your seeing in the video is a top level affiliate and you will need a down line simular to his to make the income he is making.  I’m not a believer in paying someone a monthly fee for them to pay me money.

Although GDI is free to join you still have to give them your credit card account number. Also canceling GDI will require that you call them long distance. The keywords you hear in the video that should standout are affiliate marketing unless your a pro at it don’t expect to be as good a brian bear. Who will also be your competition once you sign up with GDI. Although he might offer to help you the truth is he will be looking out for his own best interest and 3000 people in his downline personal attention is probably out of the question.

GDI is no scam i just want to make sure your clear on what your getting yourself into. Multi Level Marketing tends to help the people at the top of pyramid chain and not people who are last to join.  If you do join GDI be prepared to work hard and learn fast, and also be prepared to have allot of competition because there are thousands upon thousands of people selling the GDI dream which only makes me wonder when this thing will collapse.

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