Is Topshomeprofitsystem a Scam?

I don’t want too waste to much time on this topic because I’ve written about these sites before below are three pictures of sites that to me look identical. I keep telling people that these sites will pop up using different names. There are so many complaints about fake news websites and programs like that it doesn’t even really make sense that I waste my time telling you why I think you shouldn’t join. Look a likes

Take a look of the pics of these different websites below and tell me they don’t all look the same? They all have the same video that talks about a stay at home mom who by the way makes no mention of If you’re operating a legit business you don’t need to shut down your website and reopen it using a different name. Please compare the pics below and judge for yourself.

Home-Wealth-Formula Scam

Topshomeprofitsystem Scam

Final Thoughts on

Personally I don’t like telling people what to do with their time or their money. I prefer to just put the information out there and allow people to think for themselves. Personally I was brought to the website from fictional characters named Amanda Winston and Kim Adams. Now I’m sure there are wonderful people with the names Amanda Winston and Kim Adams, but in this instance they’re made up characters used to get you to purchase the Tops home profit system.

I highly recommend that you do not sign up for but don’t let my opinion stop you. Please leave your comments below it helps others.

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