The Anne Collins Diet Program of is perhaps one of the oldest diet programs existing in the US. Developed by Anne Collins herself, a certified nutritionist and professional weight loss consultant for over 24 years, this diet program has been recommended by doctors and is said to have been used by many people including those from Alaska, Hawaii, and from 20 other countries.

Aside from being one of the oldest weight loss programs, is also one of those programs that offer affordable services. You only just have to pay $19.97 for your 12-month membership on their program.

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By signing up to become a member of the Anne Collins Diet Program, you will be provided access to its 9 complete list of diet plans. These diet plans include the Low GI Diet for those who need to stabilize their sugar level, Low Carb Diet, Balanced Diet, Low Calorie Booster Diet that claims to boost metabolism in just 2 weeks, the Cholesterol Lowering Diet, Vegetarian Quick Start Diet, Diet for Life, and Vegetarian Diet for Life. According to, members can integrate the principles from each of these diet plans to come up with an effective means of losing weight.

The weight loss program from doesn’t have a specific fitness program. What it offers instead are advice for a wide range of fitness-related topics including aerobic exercise, calorie expenditure, weight training, exercises for the pregnant women, and a lot more.

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Being one of the oldest doesn’t necessarily equate to being one of the best. may have a good track record in the past years but it seems that its site hasn’t been updated for quite some time. It has the basic elements of a weight loss program (diet plans, fitness advice, and community support) but then, it doesn’t have solid weight loss principles that users could apply for long-term weight loss. Also, the idea of combining the principles from different diet plans isn’t good at all because it can stir confusion or worse, may trigger weight gain.

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