The Chinese Communist party is Bankrupt: Canadian PM Justin Trudeau says “we want to ensure that the one country, two systems approach continues for Hong Kong” – May 23, 2020,

Although Russia is no longer viewed by many Russians as Socialist or Communist, it’s viewed that way by many f us in the Western World, Vladimir Putin is still the richest man in the world and investment int Russia isn’t as much as it could be because of all the regulations on businesses in Russia.

With that said when the Annexation of Crimea by the Russian Federation occurred, it was a known fact that Ukraine was pretty much bankrupt, however the world stood idly by while the annexation of Crimea occurred, primarily because a lot of people in Crimea were pro-Russian-Federation.

In Hong Kong, however, things are a lot different, it’s safe to say at least 90% of Hong Kongers don’t want to be part of Mainland China ever. Now, because we’re in the middle of a pandemic, most people forget the finances of the Chinese Communist Party and why annexing Hong Kong right now for them is a major step to solvency.

Trudeau says Canada concerned about China’s proposed new law for Hong Kong |

Nobody hoards Chinese renminbi unless they’re forced too!

Unless you’re pro-Chinese-Communist-Party or unless you’re live in China, chances are you’re not going to hoard Chinese currency, what this means for China is in the event of deflation, they’ll be heavily reliant on their trading partners to keep their economy afloat.

Something I didn’t expect was Australia openly calling out the Chinese Communist Party, many parts of Europe are calling out the CCP and of course, the United States has been calling out China, the writing is on the wall that China may have to change its ways to do business as usual, but it’s unlikely that the CCP is going away quietly.

After all the Chinese Communist Party can’t appear weak to its own people, because it’s not like the majority of the Chinese People want to be ruled under the Communist regime, the Chinese people tolerate the CCP, however, if the CCP can’t deliver on what it promised, things could get ugly really faster in China and that’s one of the reasons China wants to annex Hong Kong now.

Hong Kong has something called The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong, China has the Shanghai Stock Exchange and you can through in the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. Now, here’s the thing a lot of people forget about the Shanghai Stock Exchange, the Shanghai Stock Exchange is still not entirely open to foreign investors and often affected by the decisions of the Chinese Communist Party.

I’m an investor, and I’ll tell you what I know and that is that the Shanghai Stock Exchange has never been solvent, however, cash does flow through there. As I’m writing this right now inflation is taking over China, inflation is being suppressed by CCP money printers, but the situation there is so dire, because as many people should know the Chinese Communist Party just like any BIG GOVERNMENT is extremely wasteful, host cities in China, destroying waterways, building war machines, all sorts of stupid wasteful ideas by the Chinese Communist Party was previously covered up as they could borrow into the future.

Well deflation, especially under a fiat monetary system revolves around faith in your currency, anytime there’s an economic downturn, people tend to flock to the USD. But in recent history, since the creation of the fiat monetary system, we’ve never had a pandemic like this, which basically put the global economy to a halt.

So try to imagine this, imagine you needed to make $100 per month to service a $10,000 loan and the $100 paycheck you used to make to pay down the loan was now $25 dollars, imagine your creditors were reliant on foreign capital to pay their own bills and that foreign capital, that foreign investment began shrinking at an alarming pace, what do you think would happen eventually? If you say an economic collapse you’d be right.

Imagine there existed a Hong Kong, The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong is respected, although the Shanghai Stock Exchange has more money flowing through it, global trust in it isn’t the same the trust people have in The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong. Now, I assume the CCP assumes that annexing Hong Kong now, during a pandemic that investors wouldn’t pull out of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong, but as per usual communists don’t understand property rights and how important property rights are true capitalists.

China takes over Hong Kong, it’s actually a net negative market-wise for Mainland China, Russia is still paying for its annexation of Crimea via sanctions, the Chinese Communist Party will be forcing the hand of the world and it could be a huge mistake in the middle of an economic deflationary period!

Investors see through the Chinese Communist Party propaganda and no matter how many Pro-CCP articles are written, the facts re the facts, no investor trusts the numbers that come out of Beijing and even if it doesn’t happen, everyone will expect sanctions on China is the Chinese Communist Party annex Hong Kong!

If you don’t understand what sanctions mean? Sanctions are similar to an embargo or blockade, meaning doing this type of business or trade-in China will bar you from the U.S or European markets. It’s not to say every industry will be affected, but the effect will be enough to cause rampant inflation in China, meaning the hard work/productivity of the Chinese people will vanish overnight!

History isn’t usually isn’t so cut and dry as I’m detailing here, but you get the point, the Chinese Communist Party by all metrics in my book appears to be going bankrupt and is now very desperate, so don’t be surprised and expect the unexpected!

As Coronavirus Keeps the West at Bay, China Moves to Tame Hong Kong | New York Times

Interesting times ahead