At first glance the reviews of seem grim. Even though the site is riddled with red flags, consumers still fall prey to the tempting promotions that offer a steady payday. Those interested in learning more about working at home are asked to pay a reasonable fee, albeit, that’s where the deception begins.

This site is a fly-by-night setup offering a tempting “guaranteed” work-at-home position in your city. Supposedly, very few positions are available but the fictitious namesake Jennifer Smith weaves a tale to persuade you into taking a leap of faith for this alleged certified, proven opportunity that really doesn’t exist.

There are numerous reviews and complaints about At Home Income Source and all suggest the site is a scam. Consumers are enticed by the thought of easy money and this type of scam has gained momentum since the economic downturn.

At Home Income Source Reviews

Although this site has numerous red flags, there are millions of consumers who put their faith into these sites to supplement their income; but the work-at-home job never materializes.

• Upon submitting your name, phone number and email you’ll instantly taken to a sales page that explains there is only 1 position left in your city and before you know it, you can now make up to $387 a day. The source is sure to throw words at you like “Guaranteed” and “Huge Demand” complimented by personal success stories that tempt you to become a success, just like them.

• advertises their service for $49.95, however, many complaints on various websites report users credit cards being charged for $149.95 and more, without any refunds.

• Consumers will notice well-known trademarks mentioned on the first page, such as “CNN, Fox News, USA Today” and more; this is a tool used to lend authority to the site. It’s more probable that those organizations mentioned probably have no clue their trademarks are being represented in this way.

• The pseudonym, Jennifer Smith is used to connect with the consumer and create a personal relationship that you can identify with. You’ll find more of these questionable sites are using creative pseudonyms to further their scams, build trust and influence the consumer to buy.

Is At Home Income Source a Scam?

Consider it a warning sign if you see exaggerated claims of “easy money” with inflated numbers of potential earnings and requirements of a fee for instructions before telling you how the plan really works.

So after an in-depth review, it seems skeptical that At Home Income Source will produce the materials promised after you’ve paid their fees. Consumers should conduct their own review of any site purporting to offer a guaranteed work at home job without giving you the exact details.

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