Open Source Autoresponder Software

For the record the date in which i’m writing this post is March 2011 and the reason I’m saying this is because open source autoresponder tend to get out dated after a while and because they’re made typically by new and upcoming programmers building a name for themselves they tend not to be updated that frequently. If you’re new to email marketing and looking for a free autoresponder that’s the reason why people tend not to get open source or free autoresponders.

About Self Hosted Auto respond software and an Alternative

Another reason a lot of people don’t use or free autoresponder softwares is because you have to host yourself which can leave your hosting account and your list open to attack. So my advice is before going this route considers using free autoresponder software that you won’t need to host on your website. Of course there’s nothing better than getting a professional autoresponder which will only set you back about $10 usd per month, which being said a free service like list wire might be just what the doctor order. List Wire does everything you’d expect a basic auto responder to do, plus you don’t have to host the autoresponder on your website. For more information click the link below

List Wire Completely from Autoresponder

The Best Self Hosted Autoresponder

If after everything I wrote you still want to get self autoresponder at the time I’m writing this in my opinion the best autoresponder software has got to be the one found at This is the only open source autoresponder that I see that’s still being updated, if you do a search for free autoresponders you will notice that there are plenty out there but this is the only one that I’ve noticed that puts the time and effort into updated their software and also notifying users of updates. Another thing is unlike other open source models at the time I’m writing this there is no upgraded model that you need to pay for.

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