TheKeywordAcademy Review Is It a Scam

Isn’t great how catchy titles bring people to blogs life is a great experience where ever you are in the world take some time out to appreciate what you have. ok here we go

The Keyword Academy is the rare membership program that really requires no review lol. Why? well to date it only costs a dollar and i’ve tried there program and let me be the first to say it works. I’ not saying your going to wake up a millionaire but The Keyword Academy does work. Oh yes let me explain myself because many of you will be surprised to know that there is no affiliate links telling you to sign up here.

I dedicated this blog to helping people get honest reviews there are good online companies and then there’s a whole lot of online companies that are just out to scam people, I want to do my part to point out the good companies from the bad. TKA (The Keyword Academy) is good program. So why am I not a member of TKA. My Answer I HATE MEMBERSHIP SITES.

So Steve Why Do You Hate Membership Sites Why are You so mad Steve what did a Membership Site ever do to you???

I won’t lie the thought of paying someone every month or every year makes me sick. i feel like a sucker I feel dependent on them I hate feeling dependent on someone or something when it’s something i can find out for myself. Many of these make money online membership programs just give you information you can find out on your own. Example watch this video below.

[youtube id=”UxTmZulcQZ0″ w=”425″ h=”344″]

All the information you need about google or search engines in general are available for free online. when this actually clicks into your brain what i recommend you do next is build websites around things you love to do this is the true beauty of the internet when you have a website that you love, it just becomes the best or google will find it somehow, it sounds so basic but I’ve found it to be so true. Don’t bother trying to make everyone else happy build a website you like and people will find there way to it.  Thats why I hate Membership sites because they make it seem like “oh you have to this or you have to do that” to be successful or you have to write about this or that to be successful. ontop of this you have to pay them every month. The online person that gets money from me every month is the bank for my condo my condo for maintenance and the government those “darn scammers”

If you ever get the chance read about Russel Brunson and his “Potato gun” my belief is life is too short to waste promoting something your not interested in.  Anyway I’m ranting yet again so back on the point. The Keyword Academy.

The Keyword Academy Cost $1 to try

The Keyword Academy has a $1 Trial for the first MONTH, need I say more, oh yes and if you need to cancel TKA sign into paypal click the “TheKeywordAcademy” portion where it says “details” under where it says “Transaction Details” click the link beside where it says In “reference to:” click that then scroll to the bottom and click cancel subscription & your done!.

All in all i appreciate the TKA program it’s in NO way a scam it’s a great idea concept, the were definitely thinking about it from the customers perspective as well as they were trying to save the customer money as well as many TKA users are tops on the search engines for some good high traffic keywords, the program speaks for itself if that’s your thing I recommend you use them.