Best landing page software

OptimizePress provides what many consider to be the best landing page or squeeze page software for internet marketing campaigns. Optimize Press is easily integrated in to your WordPress software and can help you design the ultimate landing page without needing any technical html or graphic programming skills. By simply making a few clicks of the mouse and following the simple prompts, you can create a highly effective squeeze page that will increase your conversion rate and attract more potential customers and clients than you ever imagined.

The program uses some sophisticated technology to create marketing campaigns based on any theme you might desire. You can use the built in video generator to create interesting presentations that will be sure to capture the attention of visitors to your website. Add a delayed call to action button at the bottom of your squeeze page and the viewer will have time to review your presentation and not be distracted by a tempting action button. Once the visitor has been given time to read the information or watch the presentation, the delayed call to action button automatically appears on the screen.

Effective List Building Using James Dysons WordPress Landing Page creator

James Dyson, the designer and internet marketer, has created the best software in the business for those looking to increase their internet marketing email lists. As a small company or individual attempting to increase your exposure and build your brand, the more effective you can be at converting visitors to take some sort of direct action to increase sales, the greater the chance that you will earn more money and produce big profits. Dyson has years of experience in the internet marketing industry and knows what does and does not work.

Optimizing your landing page with video, personalized copy and eye-catching headlines is easy with the many templates provided with OptimizePress. Using the OptimizePress generator to create impressive pages takes no more than a few minutes of your time and you will notice an almost an immediate increase in traffic to your site and conversion by your intended target audience.

Is Creating a squeeze page using wordpress simple?

Because most internet marketers are already familiar with WordPress, the easily integrated program makes it very easy to create a catchy theme for your marketing campaign. Just because the process is so simple, you might think that this is not a very comprehensive program. Nothing could be further from the truth. Because of the excellent design of the program, anyone can take advantage of the many professional templates to build a great page that will generate a superior response rate.

Testimonials from users of this product have been nothing but positive. The basic message is that for the small amount it costs to purchase the product, the increased business and return on investment has been incredible. It just goes to show you that James Dyson know the business of internet marketing as well as anyone. You can benefit by using his experience and expertise to your advantage.

Using this sophisticated, but simple application, you can compete with the largest companies. It levels the playing field and allows you to not only be able to produce the very best website pages possible, but also, a guaranteed increase in business.

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