Best Board Games 2011

I remember waking up Christmas morning to find this big huge box at this time all the cool kids were talking about Nintendo Atari and Sega genesis I wanted to be cool to and tell people I had one and that they can come to my house and play with you. So you can imagine my excitement waking up to see a brand new Nintendo still in the box. I was so happy my family was pretty poor so seeing this made me the happiest kid in the world is well over 20 years ago none the less I remember it to this very day. I still have the box and the Nintendo I consider it a collector’s item.

About the best board games

Kids love games as I child I learned most when I was playing games both video games and board games. It gave me a different perspective in life and also helped me to pay attention to detail. I know I’m not smartest person in the world but often I can see things or opportunities that others don’t mainly because of the amount of games I use to play. Playing games especially board games helped me see the overall picture of certain situations.

Why I like monopoly

Like monopoly I became very good with money playing monopoly. Because I understood that by purchasing properties I could make residual income I used to beat out a lot of my friends in the game. I wouldn’t just wait to get the board walk I would buy a piece of property from everywhere and begin working a strategies to trade with people so I could set up hotels even when I lost I would feel like a winner because I would stay active in the games so long.

I think board games are excellent way to learn as well as have fun

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