Review – Is it a scam? is a penny auction site where one could win a brand new item at a discounted price. Just like any other penny auction sites, each bid in Bid Cactus will raise the price of the item by one cent and will slightly create changes on the auction time. In, the change in the clock will depend on the type of auction but is usually between 3 and 30 seconds.

Registration is needed in order to get started at this penny auction site. Signing up is free of charge but you need to purchase bid credits in order to start bidding on items. Each bid costs 75 cents and comes in small (30 bids) and large packs (250 bids).

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Bid Cactus offers different kinds of auctions: First-Timer Auctions for new users who have never won an auction before, Beginner Auctions for those who have won less than five auctions, and Expert Auctions. The site also features the AutoBidder, a tool that will do the bidding for you. However, this is only available on auctions with the gear icon.

In order to give others a chance to win an auction, BidCactus limits the number of wins one could have. Users are limited to 3 item wins and 3 bid pack wins in a 24-hour period and 25 total auction wins in 30 days.

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There are areas that set apart from other penny auction sites. One, it offers a Rewards Store where bidders can redeem their reward points for items like gift cards and laptops. Users can earn 2 reward points for each bid they place in a regular auction. And unlike many penny auction sites, BidCactus offers a refund policy for any unused bid credits.

With its features and free registration, BidCactus seems like a must-visit site for those who love penny auction websites.

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