Review Is It a Scam

If a company cannot or will not explain exactly where you will get the traffic from I would use EXTREME caution when deal with them. On the Crunk Traffic website found here at the time I am writing this it’s March 27 2010 it says the following

“Where does your traffic come from?
We use high volume network advertising – the most successful form of Internet advertising. Every time visitors exit from one of the sites in our high volume network, your web page will immediately pop up and grab their attention! Most of the high-volume websites use this highly successful technology to attract more traffic. ”

If they use pop up or pop under ads I have absolutely no problem with that but why not just come out and say it. Shoot if it we’re true why not have a spot for people with high traffic websites. This is why I don’t like these systems of getting or building traffic to a website.

Quality Website Traffic

Quality website traffic will show you where you will be getting your website traffic from. At least that way you can decide for yourself if this is type of website traffic you want to buy. If someone wants to buy website traffic I think that person/customer has a right to know where his or her website is coming from or at least how they will be getting this website traffic.

How is the customer going to know if they are getting quality website traffic? There’s no way to know. I don’t mind these traffic builder programs at all I think there great ideas to for people who want alternatives but at least explain to the customer how and where they will be getting there traffic from. Show examples maybe a brief video explanation. Because what this does is it allows scammers to come in and do the same thing and then people can’t tell the difference. What’s stopping me from doing the same thing and putting the customer’s website through a traffic exchange website like Easyhits4u or Traffic Swarm

Build Website Traffic

In order to build quality website traffic you want to know where the traffic is coming from you welling me you will match me without showing me where you are getting your traffic from is not enough in my view You should give the customer more and explain to the customer where they will be receiving this traffic, or at least explain to the customer exactly how the process works both through words and maybe a visual or video presentation.

Thumbs down to Crunk Traffic they need to do a better job explaining to the customer what type of traffic they will be getting.

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