AdvertisingWebService Review

When starting out in Pay per Click Marketing I recommend using services like this has been good for my cousin who is currently a customer of theirs. The only quick way to wealth and targeted traffic from my view is Pay Per click marketing and if it’s only going to cost $59 to have a company run a campaign for you I say go for it.

Minimum amount per sale

If you are an affiliate using a program like this I will tell you the same thing I told my cousin which is CPA marketing at least $32 per sale. You can rack up about $5000 sometimes for as little as $1000 spent I’ve done less on quite a few occasions. I like services like these personally. One thing I will say…

Don’t get into Pay Per click marketing if you are down to your last few dollars. DO NOT TAKE THE RISK! 99% of the time you will get burned I don’t know if it’s the law of the universe but that’s usually how these things work when you have extra cash you make more cash when you don’t have any and spend the little you do have you get burned. With the recession many people I know are out of work. I try to get as many people to do this internet thing as I can but most of my friends and family just don’t like it. My cousin was excited about the idea and jumped on it. He found Advertising Web Service on his own and showed me his first check and on his first check he made more than I made in my first year.

Final thought on pay per click marketing

That’s the power of Pay Per Click marketing. If you can get over the fear of loss or the risk of losing money you are well on you way to making a fortune with Pay per Click Marketing. While my cousin is getting familiar with email marketing he has money making campaigns running on Google. I can tell you this honestly one of the best feelings in the world is logging into my affiliate accounts in the morning and seeing $72 staring me right in the face it motivates me so much more.

None the less Advertising Web Service is a good company for Pay per Click Marketing good luck!

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