Review Is It a Scam

Whenever I see these types of websites I tend to go straight to the FAQ section because I notice with these websites that they refuse to explain to the customer where this traffic is coming from. Reading’s FAQ section makes me really wonder about them. I would really like someone to tell me what the big secret is. Out of all these traffic generator sites that I’ve reviewed I have only seen one that has openly displayed where and how they deliver their traffic. gives me only one clue to where and how they deliver traffic and it’s found at the bottom of their FAQ page. It states the following this can viewed at and for the record the date I am writing this post is April 08 2010.

“Do you use pop-unders or Pop-ups to advertise my site?

No, we do not use pop-unders or pop-ups for advertising as it is the no more effective advertising method due to 90% of internet users have pop-up blockers installed which makes that advetising method obsolete.
We use redirected visitors from expired domains mainly, and misspelled keywords from search engines, and contextual ads to deliver traffic for clients.” Is It a Scam

Now why I find this interesting is that most of these companies use pop under advertising. As many of you eventually find out Pop Up blockers can’t stop pop under adverting many AOL users know exactly what I am talking about. They go on to say they get visitors from redirected visitors from expired domains mainly, and misspelled keywords from search engines”
If that’s how you want increase traffic to your website be my guest. But that to me sounds like one of the worst ways to have your website traffic increased.

Low Quality web traffic

That type of traffic sounds like extremely low quality. But if you are new to getting traffic to your website it might sound like the best thing in the world. I also recommend reading the terms before making a purchase at I saw some interesting things in the terms when I read it. Personally I would not use their service under any circumstance none the less that shouldn’t stop you from using them.

If you think that Hot Traffic has the type of traffic you want for your website(s) give them a try please leave me a comment if you do explaining your experience. Before I go I highly recommend you get Google analytics added to your website before making a purchase so you can track where your visitors are coming from. Thanks for reading my post best wishes to you increasing traffic to your website.

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