GrowStats Review Is It a Scam

When getting into these types of traffic ventures is always a good idea in my opinion to use something like google analytics so you can get an idea where their traffic is coming from.

Is a Scam

Nope! Actually I like that they have disclosed where your traffic will be coming from, if you read their FAQ ( found at section when asked

“Where does your traffic come from?
GrowStats generates millions of visitors each day from advertising networks using our non-instrusive, full-sized pop-under ads. Our advertisers place a code on their website which will display your entire website to specific visitors depending on the target niche and region that you selected your traffic to come from. We do not use any spam techniques. We do not use any bots. We do not pay people to go on your website. These are real visitors.”

As i’m sure many of you know pop unders are very common and here you actually find out why website owners use them. That being said at least Grow Stats is revealing how you will be getting your traffic I still however recommend using google analytics if you are going to use this service.


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Is It a good idea to buy Website Traffic?

Although I don’t personally buy traffic from sites like these frequently I personally think it’s a good idea to buy targeted traffic for your website. It’s saves you a lot of money and if you target your words right you can make a lot of money very quickly.

Is GrowStats a good place to buy targeted web site traffic?

I would hope so although I might find it hard to believe they could. Because you will be the pop under ad, your website would have to offer something the site you are accompanying does not offer and also at the same time grab the customers attention. I would say this has a lot less to do with targeted traffic and more to do with how your website looks and is presented. If you have a website that grabs peoples attention right away this could be a service you should consider.  I would imagine websites with PodCast would find the most success with a traffic system like this one.

What is a Podcast

What’s a podcast? a media file audio or video which plays automatically once a visitor lands on your website. I have many podcasts for my websites that promote in my Pay Per Click marketing campaigns, it’s a good idea to get one professionally done. You would be surprised the amount of revenue it pulls in. Example I paid $299 for a podcast just the other day and made $900 in two days so far it’s Sunday morning and I can’t sleep lol. When I see stats like this I find it impossible to go to bed.

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Should You Buy guaranteed web site traffic from Grow Stats?

Again I don’t use sites like these to promote my website but I can imagine if you have the right campaign that you can make a lot of loot.  If you are looking to buy or purchase targeted web site traffic I honestly don’t feel this is the right direction to go into but then again it might work for you. Because this is website traffic that you can buy for cheap you really don’t have anything to lose so if you are curious I would say give GrowStats a try I wish you all the best. please leave me your feedback using them I would like to hear your results.

I recommend beginning with their 1000 visitor package to test their results on your website. Also please leave your feedback for others below.Good or bad results welcome please also explain what type of ad you ran with Grow Stats I understand privacy is important so just be general this helps others, who may be in your niche. Your participation helps everyone Thank you to everyone who comments.

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To get an idea of a what pop under ad is or how it works consider visiting a site that offers free downloads, free software or free music just type it in Google most of those type of sites use pop under’s to make money for their websites.

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