Review – Is it a scam? is a website that combines entertainment and opportunity to earn extra cash. With CashDazzle, users can have fun playing advertiser-sponsored games while at the same time, get the chance to earn extra money from winning these games. The website claims to produce $1,000 worth of cash prizes in average per day.

How CashDazzle Works

Registration is needed before one could start playing and winning  extra money in CashDazzle. Signing up is free of charge and only requires the user’s full name, birth date, email address, and nominated password.

CashDazzle works under the token system where one is required to have ‘tokens’ in order to start playing the games. For the first 5 days, users will be given free tokens for viewing a series of special offers from both advertisers and sponsors. Once the free trial period is over, users are directed to the “Get More Spins” page where there’s more gaming opportunities and a list of great offers for getting additional tokens.

Final thoughts on

While is not a scam, it can be a source of never-ending problem with advertising companies. Its Privacy Policy states that they may sell information to third party companies for direct marketing purposes. Unless you can bear dealing with these advertisers, be it through email, direct mail, phone calls or SMS, then don’t sign up.

If you’re just after pure fun of game-playing, then you can still find a lot of websites for that without having your personal information being shared with third party companies.

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