Review – Is it a scam?

Claim Your Grant Money is a website claiming that it can help individuals find out whether or not they qualify for federal grant money. Grant money is a certain budget allocated by the government. This is awarded to deserving individuals who will use it in ways that would benefit the public.

The site claims that it has excellent referrals to help anyone find the right grant within minutes.

How Claim Your Grant Money works

To start with the process, you are asked to input your name, email address, zip code, and phone number. However, before you place these personal details, you have to know that it is stated in the website’s Private Policy that your information will be shared to third parties. These companies, in turn, will send you offers and deals that you may be interested in.

Also, by providing your contact number, you are giving the consent to receive calls from telemarketers.

Final thoughts on

The way Claim Your Grant Money works make it a less credible site for finding grants that one may qualify in. If you hate receiving offers from third party companies, then you might like visiting instead. It’s a free site that you can navigate.

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