Review – Is it a scam?

Consumer Lifestyle Alerts is a website that features a single mother named Marcy Collins on how she was able to experience amazing results from anti-aging creams without having to spend a huge amount on them. These two products, which she states that she got for free, are Hydroxatone and BellaPlex.

More About Consumer Lifestyle Alerts

Consumer Lifestyle Alerts showed what they claim to be a letter sent by Collins. The letter described how Collins used to experiment with skin-care products, specifically those that promise to reduce the signs of aging. When none of them satisfied her, she almost resorted to jumping into the bandwagon of cosmetic surgery. But this has changed when she was able to get free trial from Hydroxatone and BellaPlex.

According to her, these two products were able to give her amazing results. The combination of these anti-aging creams are said to be used by celebrities too.

Final thoughts on

The website makes use of an advertorial, that is, an advertisement that is designed to make it looks like a real news story. In many cases, this has become an effective way of making consumers believe that the product or service being featured is really of excellent quality. This kind of advertising is common among companies who scam people.

The links in the website including its pages are non-clickable, which make it impossible to verify the reputation of the website or even its claims. With the way it works, it appears that this website is a scam.

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