Several studies suggest that restricting calorie intake is an effective way of losing weight. Thus, many companies are now offering weight loss programs that revolve around this concept. One of the growing number of firms engaging into this kind of service is Diet Direct of

The company distributes and manufactures calorie-restricted diet plan, the WonderSlim. It’s one of the most extreme diet plans available in the market. It aims to help users lose as much as 15-20 lbs per day simply by reducing one’s calorie intake into 1,200.

More about Diet Direct

The diet plan provided by Diet Direct is similar to the ones being offered by popular programs like MediFast and LighterLife. All subscribers of Diet Direct receives a weight loss starter kit which includes the essentials for the WonderSlim Diet Plan. This starter kit includes the WonderSlim meals for a period of 1, 2, 4, 8 or 12 weeks. Users are expected to lose weight following the 5-1-1 plan or 5 portions of pre-prepared Wonderslim meal replacement shakes or drinks, 1 WonderSlim snack item, and 1 evening meal following the strict calorie guidance. This diet plan aims to introduce users to a mild form of ketosis, which triggers the body to burn fat.

Diet Direct doesn’t offer a specific fitness plan to go along with its diet plan. If users still want to engage in an exercise regimen, special precautions must be observed since meal plans of Diet Direct are considered to be among the most extreme diet plans because of its strict calorie restriction.

Final thoughts on’s weight loss program is for people who wanted to lose weight without being required to get into rigorous exercise regimen. While its program is designed similar to that of MediFast, it lacks some features which could be beneficial to the users. These include the community support which could be in the form of forums and blogs and maintenance plan.

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