The fast-paced lifestyle of people nowadays and the increasing concern with their health paved the way for many firms to come up with weight loss programs that specialize on meal delivery service. One of these is Diet to Go of

Providing freshly prepared, nutritionally balanced, calorie controlled, tasty, and convenient meals to people in US, Diet to Go has proved itself to be a reliable and reputable company specializing on meal delivery service. Its meals are available to all residents of US including those in Alaska and Hawaii. All meals are delivered in hampers, ready to hit in your microwave whenever you get hungry.

More about Diet to Go

Once you sign up with Diet to Go, you will be given the freedom to choose the diet plan that you think will suit your lifestyle and weight loss needs. You can choose between 1,200 or 1,600 calories per day. It has 4 different menu options that you can choose from: the Low Fat Traditional diet, Low Fat Vegetarian diet, Low Carb diet, and Diabetic Friendly diet. According to Diet to Go, all of the menu options have been developed by their chefs and have been scientifically tested to fit the guidelines set by the American Cancer Society, the American Diabetes Association, and the American Dietetic Association.

Unlike other meal delivery services, dieters are not allowed to swap food items in their chosen menu for free. If there’s a particular ingredient that you don’t like, you have to pay 50 cents to swap that item with another food item from the back-up list of substitutes. Another thing to note is that Diet to Go doesn’t have a specific fitness plan though it encourages members to supplement their diet with regular exercise.

Final thoughts on may offer the same service and works the same way as with other companies offering meal delivery services (no specific fitness plan but offers expert advice) but there are things that it can improve to be at par with more popular diet programs. These improvements should focus on the flexibility of their menu options, meal variety, and maintenance plan.

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