British Columbia Socialist NDP Government Wants To Control and Socially Engineer How The Public Perceives COVID-19 – May 23, 2020,

In an effort to control the narrative surrounding COVID-19, the socialist NDP Government in British Colombia prefers it’s citizens live in fear that the COVID-19 virus is lurking someone nearby.

Whether it’s National Socialist Nazis or Democratic Socialist Authoritarians the motto is always the same, control the narrative. A nanny state is a depressing government to live under if you understand freedom, the mere thought that the people you’re voluntarily paying your taxes too, wanting to completely dominate your life, should bother some people, but similar to what happens in mainland China, if you’re brainwashed into believing that having a thought leader is normal, you’ll simply go with the flow, when the thought leader openly mocks your intelligence right in front of your face

So, the socialist NDP government has been destroying the British Columbian economy and lucky for them COVID-19 is going to provide the perfect scapegoat. Honestly, there is no excuse for British Columbia to have any financial hardships, they’re not landlocked, they have an abundance of resources and they have the convenience of trading with both the United States and China, but somehow, the NDP Government managed to screw things up.

I haven’t followed the story but I believe in certain parts of BC Uber is almost illegal, because the NDP is owned and controlled by Taxi cab lobby. Anyway, BC was headed for an economic crash and COVID-19 has been a God-send for the NDP Government, how no feel like they have unquestioned control over their voters.

Embodying the Nanny State mentality Provincial health officer Dr. Bonnie Henry feels justified in her approach to handling the COVID-19 situation, because, well, you know, this is her time to shine, the moment she’s been waiting for a chance to be a dictator.

She convinces herself that she is doing this because she cares and people are stupid, but come on, you’re an adult if you’re reading this, her and the NDP are doing this to see how much BCers will tolerate. In case you didn’t know, this is how democratic socialism evolves into an authoritarian dictatorship. It doesn’t happen overnight, they test the waters, speak sternly, omit information, and tell you to shut up and obey, but most importantly they limit your options!

This is yet another reason why I’m not a fan of our system of governance, I’m a believer municipalities should have the most power as an example, do yourself a favor and type “Switzerland COVID-19 numbers” into google, you’ll notice that each municipality has its own data! You’ll also notice that Switzerland is flattening its curve more efficiently.

Because each municipal leader in Switzerland is given the opportunity to approach the situation differently and because of transparency all of the different municipalities are able to communicate freely and share their findings amongst their LOCAL citizens, so instead of a one size fits all approach, each municipality is able to find multiple ways contain the virus, so life can return to normal and if there’s a sudden uptick each municipality can and the people within those municipalities can be on alert.

There is no need to scare the Swiss citizens into submission because Switzerland is trying to respect the rights of the individual! B.C is taking the political approach, what the NDP government wants to be able to say is, ‘see WE the NDP government stopped this virus from spreading by telling you to shut up and listen to us! So you should do less speaking up and more obeying to your NDP government masters, OKAY!’

Like when I read the article below, I found it honestly disgusting, honestly, who do these people think they are? Anyway, maybe BCers like to be dictated too, maybe I’m the one out of line!

Coronavirus: B.C. says no, again, on releasing COVID-19 numbers for cities or regional districts |

Interesting times ahead!