DreamHost.com Review

Dream Host of DreamHost.com is a promising web hosting service provider. While it may not be the best in the industry, it still offers good services especially for its shared hosting plan. Dream Host provides shared, VPS (Virtual Private Servers), and Dedicated hosting plans.

More about Dream Host

Dream Host’s shared hosting plan is perhaps one of the best in the industry. Users can take advantage of its unlimited disc space for adding as much content as they like in their website and unlimited bandwidth so they can have as many visitors without being troubled with the common problems encountered during the sudden surge of traffic. Thus, it can be safe to conclude that for a small-medium sized websites, there’s nothing more to ask.

The Virtual Private Servers of Dream Host offers an impressive flexibility to its users. It comes with almost the same features as with its shared hosting plan, only that it can be adjusted to suit one’s web hosting needs. The good thing about its VPS is that its use for the first week is totally free. This gives the users ample time to explore which specifications are right for them and which of those need to be adjusted.

While it is reputed to have equally good shared and VPS plans, its Dedicated Server plan needs some improvement. To have the basic dedicated server package, you need to order it from Alchemy Communications, Inc. Some users find the need to customize the package to suit their needs.

Final thoughts on DreamHost.com

The impressive features and functionality of its shared hosting and VPS plans are good enough reasons to try this web hosting provider. On top of that, it has good customer support though it requires quite some effort from users. As to its dedicated server, it needs a lot of work up to do to be at par with other known web hosting service companies.

Whether you are running a personal or business website, you need a good web hosting service provider. The most recommended company is Host Gator.