eDiets.com Review

eDiets.com is a website dedicated for those who’d like to lose weight. This website has been constantly considered as one of the best weight loss programs online. In fact, it has already won several awards including Forbes Magazine’s ‘Best of the Web Award’ for the diet and health category in year 2004 and 2005, PC Magazine’s Editor’s Choice Award-Winning Food and Gourmet Website for both year 2004 and 2005, and acknowledged by a reputable gourmet website, Epicurious.com, as the ‘best meal delivery service.’

More about eDiets.com

The website is one of the growing number of online weight loss programs that combine nutrition and fitness. By signing up with the website, you will benefit from its extensive list of diet plans. It has over 20 diet plans and weight loss programs including the Glycemic Impact Diet Plan, Mediterranean Diet, Seasonal Diet, Bill Phillips’ Eating for Life Plan, and Slim Fast Optima Diet. eDiets also features over 6,000 healthy meal recipes that you can browse through its recipe index. Ready-to-eat healthy meals are also available. You simply choose between the 5-day and 7-day plan.

The weight loss program in eDiets.com is not just all about food. It also takes into consideration the members’ physical activity. Members of the website can create their own Fitness Profile for free. This allows them to choose a fitness plan that would suit their fitness level and weight loss goals. eDiets.com also provides users with animated 3D fitness examples, video tutorials from a virtual trainer, and tools for keeping track of their progress.

Final thoughts on eDiets.com

eDiets.com provides one of the most comprehensive approach to weight loss. It has the essential features to make it possible for one to achieve his or her weight loss goals. It has meals and recipes that would suit anyone’s preference. What’s more, it has a fitness program that goes well with its nutrition plan. Members can also stay motivated with the site’s support system. Overall, eDiets.com is an excellent website for weight loss.

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