review is it a scam

Now personally I’ve never been a huge fan of sites like these but being that seems to have targeted a niche I can see the value in it. Email marketing has a lot to with targeting the right types of people and after reviewing they definitively seem to be doing just that, that being said it’s important to know what market too target when using a service like in my opinion the niche to target in this instance would be MLM, matrix, HYIP type websites or websites that provide automated income opportunities. One other thing that I have to point out is that recommends that you have a Gmail account to use their service.

The Up-sell

From my personal experience has up to three up-sells depending on if you choose to take 1 of the first 2. Personally I didn’t sign up for the up-sells but don’t let my decision stop you from giving it a try the prices for the initial upsells start at $37 and work their way down to $7 offering less services as the price declines. If these up-sells are something that interests your business give it some consideration.

Why I won’t be using

I’m not a huge fan of sites like these because eventually as a member you will soon find that your email inbox will get bombarded with offer upon offer also what tends to happen with sites like this is people start ignoring or deleting the messages. This is one of those programs where getting in early is highly encouraged if you want to see any real results. That being said there is some value to and if you like what you see you should give them a try

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