Banned From Making Money From YouTube? You’ll Probably Do Better Learning This Email Marketing Skill

Most people get their first checks online from Adsense via YouTube and when you make money via YouTube or any social media platform, it can actually work against you in many respects if one day YouTube decides that it doesn’t want you on its platform anymore. Because so many people and large companies are finding themselves banned from YouTube, you’re starting to see more and more YouTubers telling their subscribers or viewers to join their Newsletters which are independent of Youtube.

You’d be wise to build a list or have a place where people can find you in case you one day find yourself banned from YouTube. In the event you’ve been banned already, I’d highly recommend that you consider The Affiliate System PRO Internet Marketing and Coaching Program in this training, you’ll learn what most YouTubers fail to learn Internet Marketing.

There are plenty of people who are now making more money outside of YoutUbe than they were when they were on YouTube, now with that said, these individuals might not be as POPULAR as they were on YouTube, but their incomes may have actually increased because as most YouTubers know if you don’t constantly make more YouTube videos your YouTube income is going to take a hit. If Your videos aren’t getting tens of millions of views on YouTube the income you’re making being 100% reliant on YouTube won’t be much.

When you learn Internet Marketing this changes everything, but you’ll start seeing money online where didn’t imagine it was before. I’ve met former YouTubers who as an example spent all their money and now they’re back to the nine to five lifestyle, why this occurred is that when they made money online from YouTube they didn’t invest that money into learning Internet Marketing Training.

If you start a YouTube channel on a topic you’re not passionate about, eventually, you will get bored and it will be hard to make more YouTube videos on that topic. Now if you understand Internet Marketing YouTube becomes an additional stream of income but not your main stream of income and there’s a huge difference when YouTube becomes just a part of your passive income stream.

For most professionals YouTube is just a passive income stream in fact for many of us, we’d rather not post our videos on YouTube, I don’t want advertisements popping up on the scream when I’m trying to sell something worth a $10,000 commission. $5 vs. $500? That’s how most Internet Marketers look at Internet Marketing vs. YouTube, there are some instances in which 1 Adsense click gets a lot of money and that’s great, but AdSense isn’t exactly a reoccurring commission, it re-occurs for a period of time depending on the success of your videos, but eventually, when you see the difference in your earning potential, you start to see YouTube at best as a place to promote.

So although YouTube may have banned you, life isn’t over, but you may want to learn a new skill. As a person who loves to blog and write obviously, I’m a huge fan of eBook Designer which has helped me to generate more money than YouTube could ever make me, plus with eBook Designer I’m in control of publishing and distribution of my material.

But for people who don’t like making money by writing and publishing eBooks the most popular online training method to learn is Internet Marketing if you can conquer the learning curve you’re going to make a lot of money with Internet Marketing.

The downside to Internet Marketing is the learning curve, you’re going to find yourself getting lazy sometimes, you’re going to procrastinate other times, when you join you’re going to have to fight the urge to be lazy if you can win that internal battle you’re going to make a lot of money with Internet Marketing it’s really that simple and with me based on all the private training I’ve done, what works the best is have an Internet Marketing Coach or Team because working with many of you I know what’s going to happen, you’ll be excited the first day and even the first week, but then you’re going to get bored or find an excuse, well with this Internet Marketing training, we’re there for you.

We can’t force you to succeed but we’re there to help you to succeed, so please when you join, make it your mission to be successful. Don’t let YouTube banning you stop you from making money online, I personally don’t even like posting videos on YouTube and I’ve been making money online since 2007.

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