review - Is it a scam? review – Is it a scam? is an interesting concept from the moment you sign up their advertising to you begins. For me this is a turn off I’ve never personally been a fan of this type of email marketing however if you’re in MLM or even the make money online niche these kinds of websites have proven to turn a profit because email marketing unlike other forms of marketing is still almost personal to people. Email marketing has the digital effect direct marketing does if the email grabs your attention even if it’s spam chances are you might open it!

Personal thoughts regarding

Wow when I signed up the first thing I was presented with after the initial advertisement was an offer that would cost me $277 to send emails to all members  there were some other benefits like being able to send emails every 2 days to free members and the ability to send emails without wasting credits the offer wasn’t really tempting to me but I could see how some people might be interested in it.

After declining I was presented with another offer this one for $170 similar as the first except less benefits, after declining this offer I was again presented with an offer for $80 with even less features once I declined this offer I was finally brought to my members area where I started to feel I bit of resentment for even signing up in the first place. I’ve since cancelled my account with as I find being a Free member would consist of too much work and not enough reward.

Final thoughts regarding

There are some very good email marketers supporting the launch of List Avail and I think it can be profitable for all people involved however it’s not something I want to be a part of. I’ve always found that email marketing sites like ListAvail have strong launches and then decline soon after because most of the people that sign up are all out for the same thing. is not a scam it’s legit however my personal review is I’m not interested in being an upgraded or free member there. That being said if you’re interested in signing up don’t let me stop you I wish you all success and again email marketing is one of the best forms and most profitable forms of marketing on the internet.

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