Review – Is it a scam?

Eric’s Success Plan of is a website created by Eric Webster. He claims that through this website, he can teach anyone how to make $500 to $5,000 without paying him a dime. Although he claims that you one won’t be paying him dime, it states in its website that you still have a certain fee to pay. However, according to him, this is for the shipping fee.

More about Eric’s Success Plan

Webster claims that this system begins with teaching you on how to make money online. Once you are comfortable with the initial steps, you will be taught on how to make more money. He claims that you won’t be paying him a dime but once you sign up in this system, you will be directed to The Internet Starter Pack website.

It is in The Internet Starter Pack website where you’ll be putting your money. It charges a certain fee for shipping and another fee if you hold on to its training DVDs for more than 14 days. It turns out that you’ll be earning money from it through affiliate marketing.

Final thoughts on

Affiliate marketing is a legit form of money-making opportunity. You’ll be earning money from it through commissions once a sale is obtained from what you have advertised through links. Although it’s too early to say that this is a scam, it’s a red sign for Webster to claim that you won’t be paying him a dime where you actually do.

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