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Just being honest when it comes to anything click funnels or Russell Brunson related my spider senses start tingling, because, for myself, I’ve found it hard to find much value from anything that seems to get an endorsement from Russell Brunson.

So when I research the name Jon Penberthy, what comes up makes about him, definitely lets me know that what he’s selling doesn’t add a lot of value. Being that he’s presenting himself as an internet marketing expert, I was shocked to see his dismal Facebook group participation. Don’t believe me? Visit the legitmarketingacademy.com Facebook group for yourself

Facebook Group:Legit Marketing (Funnels, Ads and Sales Conversion) With Jon Penberthy

As of today’s date, his Facebook group has 4.1K members, but what exposes him and his group members’ is their lack of participation, which makes you wonder if he paid to get those 4.1K members. Anyway, the selling point for legitmarketingacademy.com should be the testimonials but a lot of those testimonials look fake also, being honest I’m not even sure those testimonials are attributed to him.

Furthermore, I like to point out that a lot of money is often spent to get sales, who knows how many dollars Jon Penberthy spent on Youtube advertising to sell you on joining his program. If it costs him $100K to make $120K as an example, he only made $20K in profits, this happens all the time on Youtube which is why you’ll see a new guru popping up on Youtube every other day.

There is also evidence swirling around that as recent as January 2014 Jon Penberthy was looking for ways to make money online after I guess he figured out that the Empower Network and their MLM pyramid-like scheme wasn’t all it was cracked up to be.

legitmarketingacademy.com Review Is It a Scam

legitmarketingacademy.com Review Is It a Scam

Making six figures online, it’s very difficult if you dedicate yourself, the problem with the Empower Network is that a lot of their members were spending more money than they were making that’s why the Empower Network and most MLM/Networking marketing schemes don’t work because ultimately their expensive and forced auto-ship/auto-commitment based programs, end up bankrupting their own members.

If you listen to his sales presentation for legit marketing academy he doesn’t exactly sound like an expert, I’d say he gets an A+ for presentation, and like any Russel Brunson student, his programs are all about the upsells, but he’s definitely not worth price tag if you’re asking for my opinion.

Since this Coronavirus outbreak, gurus nobody has heard of before are popping up everywhere, I will not be recommending legitmarketingacademy.com or any of his other websites at this time, don’t allow my review to stop you from giving him a try if you’re interested in trying his service(s)

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