GoLower.co.uk Review

A UK-based meal delivery service, Go Lower of GoLower.co.uk provides natural, tasty, and balanced meals to dieters. Unlike other diet programs that resort to meal replacement shakes and bars to help their clients lose weight, Go Lower makes it easier for its members transition by providing real food. This meal delivery service is being promoted by Dr. Hilary Jones, the medical expert on the GMTV morning television show.

More about Go Lower Program

The Go Lower program is based on a special diet called as the caveman diet. This diet triggers the body to lose weight through the process called ketosis, where the body burns fat for its energy source. Its key elements include protein from chicken and other meat, good fats from nuts and seeds, and carbohydrates from leafy vegetables and low GI fruits.

The dieter undergoes 5 stages in Go Lower. During the 1st stage, the Go Lower consultant will assess the dieter’s weight loss goals and expectations from the program. This phase helps the consultant create a customized diet plan. When the goals are evaluated, the dieter then goes to the 2nd stage where the actual diet program takes place. It is expected during this phase that the dieter will start to lose weight and feel energized with just the food from Go Lower. During the 3rd stage, the program will start to introduce snacks to the dieter to assess how the body responds to it. And during the 4th and 5th stages, the dieter will be taught on how to cook their own healthy food so when the time comes that the program ends, they’ll still be able to maintain their weight.

Final thoughts on GoLower.co.uk

GoLower.co.uk is one of the best meal delivery services because aside from offering good food, it has this phase where it teaches consumers on how to maintain their weight on their own. It also has good community support through forums and members can ask expert advice from its team of nutritionists. It would have been better though if it has a specific fitness plan to go with its diet plan.

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