review is it a Scam

Before i even begin talking about the website i want to first talk about the fake news website and the in this instance the fake character on my end named Kelly Richards. Don’t fall for it people don’t fall for the fake news website and don’t fall for the fictitious character in this instance Kelly Richards. This website ( was only created to bring you to the website which in my opinion is a terrible overly priced program. Terms and conditions

Whenever you see the words trial offer or if something looks to good to be true online make sure you read the terms and conditions. As a matter a fact always read the terms and conditions. once your credit card is involved make sure that you make a habit of reading the terms and conditions. The terms and conditions for can be found by scrolling to the bottom of their website or by visiting “” for the record the time in which i am writing this December 2010 so at the time you’re reading this the terms and conditions may or may not have changed. below is preview of the terms i highlighted the parts i feel are most important.



By placing your $2.97 order today, you agree to join our In Home Cash Generator site whereby you shall receive instant access to the marketing video training site to the email you provided which is designed to educate you on how to succeed with internet marketing strategies. Within 48 hours we will verify your details as a valid customer and once done you will be billed $199.95. We will then email out your access to the In Home Cash Generator© training video site. This entire package is a savings of over $1,469. You will have NO further obligation after this order or charges. You may opt-out anytime within the 48 hours period by calling our customer support line at 877-399-0904. If you wish to have full and unrestricted access to the site simply do nothing and your credit card will be charged $199.95 within 48 hours after we verify your order details as a valid customer .


My final thoughts on

Now i’m not here to tell you what to do with your money but in my opinion that program is way over priced and i personally don’t recommend signing up for it this is only my opinion you can do whatever you want to do. What i don’t like is that this program doesn’t even explain to the customer exactly what they will be getting.  That being said if your interesting in making some extra cash online for free then visit the work from home page. In this page you get full detail on how to make some extra cash online and also how you can work from home full time click here for the Work From Home page

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