First I’d like to say Tim Linden is a great guy he’s very professional and in my opinion is one of the best traffic exchanges out there. In this post I will discuss things to look out for when choosing a traffic exchange there are features you I think you should pay attention to whenever signing up or using any traffic exchange.

Increasing traffic to your website using Traffic Exchanges

When getting involved in a traffic exchange there is one thing I take a major look at and that’s the timer and the banner and text impressions. By that I mean does the banner change when the timer expires. Because if it does; a 10 second timer banner impressions in my view are considered almost WORTHLESS. The little small things are why some traffic exchanges get big and others struggle to grow.

Another feature to look out for is credit ratio. A 1:1 traffic exchange is already in trouble as soon as it launches unless the webmaster comes up with a strategy to combat this problem. With the exception of Easyhits4u many of the major 1:1 traffic exchanges are in major trouble in terms of the amount of free credits floating around.

The way how Easyhits4u has combated this problem is by giving its members .30 cents for every 1000 pages viewed and also .10 for 100 views from referrals sure that’s pennies but it also keeps credits low because now you will get people that may surf all day to get that 0.30 not to mention Easyhits4u also has weekly & daily contests.

I only say this to make you understand why most of the major traffic exchanges don’t have 1:1 ratios. 1:1 ratio’s plus credits being earned from down lines makes a traffic exchange awash with unaccounted for credits. When a traffic exchange has a bunch of unused credits it might take month’s for 200 credits to go through the traffic exchange that’s where bots start coming in and traffic exchanges tend to meet their doom.

StartXchange has a 3:1 / 2:1 / 1:1 Surf Ratios with a referral down line 5% / 10% / 20% Referral Earnings which even just on paper makes this a very sustainable traffic website to increase traffic to your website fast.

Increasing Traffic to Your Website Fast Using Traffic Exchanges

In case you might not know the main purpose for traffic exchanges is to increase traffic to your website fast. If a traffic exchange is not doing this I personally don’t see the point in being a member. The StartXchange delivers in this area very well.

StartXchange Review the Bad

The one area I don’t like with this traffic exchange is the them telling me to sign up for their upgrade it’s quite annoying when you are signing up for a traffic for free and feel pressured to upgrade apart form that StartXchange is good traffic exchange

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