Ingraham: In Bloomberg’s China cabinet

Michael Bloomberg, clearly is made in China, it’s interesting to see the Democrat Party, Bernie the Communist is leading the pack and the Democrat establishment is rolling the dice with Bernie Sanders who we all know is bad for pensions. Even if you want to believe that Bernie Sanders’s Democratic Socialism is a great economic system, nobody wants to do government paperwork.

All the free crap Bernie is promising voters involves a lot of paperwork and sounds like soviet union bread lines and/or a trip to the DMV and/or the Post Office. Can you imagine if the government takes over the energy sector? Health Care and teachers’ unions are granted more even more power when they’re permanent fixtures in the government? It’s terrifying to think about and the reality is the stock market will crash if anyone believes that the U.S voter will vote for Bernie, so what’s left currently is anybody except Bernie and because Bloomberg is rich, the desperate Democrat establishment isn’t dismissing the idea of Bloomberg for President.

Interesting times ahead!