Wealthy Canadian Bronwyn Oatley Doesn’t Want to Volunteer his wealth to the poor instead he wants The NDP Government to confiscate Your Wealth To Appease His Globalist Ideology – October 20, 2019,

To start, I should point out that I’ve long stated that in my opinion, the Huffington Post is the NDP News network, I’ve read a fair bit of Huffington Post articles to notice a pattern, that pattern is that a large percentage of their writers appear to be Socialists, democratic socialists, leaning more to the authoritarian ‘by any means necessary’ Leftist portion of the political spectrum. In Ontario, I know the NDP more for their racist blue-collar members, a lot of Union people, a lot of the job security, labour union types identify with the NDP, these types will often vote NDP when the Liberal Party of Canada engages in blatant political corruption and Leftist need an alternative.

Personally, I’ve never associated the NDP with Globalists, the article that you can read below is a new type of NDP supporter who oddly enough coincides with Thomas Piketty who writes extensively about a wealth tax. Now for people like me who believe in Individuals, personal responsibility, Free-market Capitalism and monitoring the effects of Government created socialist initiatives on the broader economy, I can’t stand the assumptions Thomas Piketty makes in his books. Thomas Piketty wealth tax is derived from failed Socialist policies that Thomas Piketty believes should be expanded.

People like me think in opposite terms, I believe in DEFLATION, I love the tech sector, currently, the tech sector is emblematic of how the free market system works. When Barack Obama became president of the United States, Blackberry was the cell phone of choice, well because of the free market, Apple and Samsung turned Blackberry into the model T of Smartphones. Blackberry refused to adapt to the evolving market and was therefore forced to lose its market share, which ultimately led to deflation in their prices.

Thomas Piketty, similar to the article you can read below from Bronwyn Oatley, comes from a place where inflation is inevitable, their arguments revolve around an assumption that all the PROGRESSIVE policies that are currently in place, shouldn’t be challenged, changed, dissolved alternated in manner that would lead to a deflation in prices fro consumers.

The Bronwyn Oatley and Thomas Piketty solution is to expand on the current socialist monopolies that already exist in order for the rich to give more of their wealth NOT TO THE POOR, but instead for the rich to give more of their wealth to the GOVERNMENT Being that Bronwyn Oatley claims that he’s rich or that he’s a 1 percenter, what’s stopping him from donating his wealth to the poor? NOTHING, What’s stopping Bronwyn Oatley from donating all of his wealth to the Government? NOTHING! Currently, John Horgan of the NDP is the current Premier of British Colombia, poverty in British Colombia is amongst the worst in Canada and lucky for Bronwyn Oatley, British Colombia has an NDP Premier. How about it Bronwyn Oatley how about donating all of your wealth to the British Colombia government? How about at the very least starting a charity or giving massive donations to B.C Charities that you believe in?

Even as Prime Minister there’s only so much Jagmet Singh can do, several times Jagmet has made over-reaching Federal political promises that he won’t be able to accomplish even if he has a majority government. So, how about it Bronwyn Oatley, how about you put your money where your mouth is and start helping out British Colombia’s poor people? It’s a start? Why don’t you lead by example instead of attempting to do what most Globalists do is use Politicians as their puppets to achieve their political ends?

As a first step, the B.C. government raised income assistance and disability rates by $100 per month to help people who need it most. | engage.gov.bc.ca/bcpovertyreduction/

I often write about PROTECTIONISM, I learned about Protectionism via the NDP in Ontario, in my younger years, for the life of me I couldn’t understand, why it was so hard to get into the trades. Regardless of your skin collar, when you get into the skilled trades, you quickly realize why prices for everything is inflated, John Horgans policies on Gas, is basically the blue-print on how socialists approach economics.

NDP Premier of British Columbia John Horgan - 36th Premier of British Columbia

NDP Premier of British Columbia John Horgan – 36th Premier of British Columbia

    Here’s a list of all the taxes people pay on a litre of gas in B.C.:

  • Provincial motor fuel tax (Metro Vancouver) — 1.75 cents
  • Provincial motor fuel tax (everywhere else in B.C.) — 7.75 cents.
  • B.C.’s carbon tax — 8.89 cents.
  • The B.C. Transportation Finance Authority tax — 6.75 cents.
  • TransLink tax (If you live in Metro Vancouver) — 17 cents, increasing to 18.5 cents on July 1.
  • Transit tax (If you live in Victoria) — 5.5 cents.
  • Federal excise tax — 10 cents.
  • Finally, pay the five per cent Goods and Services Tax on top of the total price.

Now, if Bronwyn Oatley is unwilling to give away wealth, much of which was inherited wealth, by the way, it’s probably because socialism artificially raises prices. As Canadians, we are oddly enough positioned in one of the best places on the planet. America is our southern neighbor and nothing would make Americans happier than to sell us a bunch of stuff for extremely low prices, Canada is so lucky in fact, that we have to charge our American neighbors’ ridiculously high tariffs at the border to prevent these capitalistic Americans from making consumer prices in Canada ridiculously cheap. Furthermore, Canada also has to manipulate its currency in order to prevent Canadian consumers from going to America to buy things for a whole lot less.

Canada and Australia as an example shouldn’t have currency values that mirror each other, especially when by almost every single economic metric Canadians on paper have a better quality of life than Americans. I can’t find any quality of life survey in which America comes in at a better position than Canada, so why then is the Canadian Loonie so low? and why is the cost of living so high in Canada? If you guessed SOCIALISM, DING, DING, DING you’d be 100% correct!

Government workers don’t work for free, Public Sector Workers Don’t Work For Free, Employees of Crown Corporations DO NOT WORK FOR FREE, POLITICIANS DO NOT WORK FOR FREE SOCIALISM IS EXPENSIVE!

Socialism is expensive, but guess what people can afford to pay the bill? If you guessed the One Percent, super-rich people like Bronwyn Oatley, you’d be correct. Capitalism revolves around economic competition, capitalism in financial terms is actually a zero-sum-game, the benefits capitalism brings to the world is raising the standard of living. At first, there was an Analog cell phone, then a Nokia digital phone, then a Blackberry smartphone, then came the Apple iPhone. It’s this evolutionary process that raises the humanities standard of living.

Giving Unionized government employees more money will do nothing more than increase poverty, cause more job losses and distort humanity as to what the end goal is. The end goal is to raise the living standards of humanity. Currency, namely fiat money can deflate, it can hyper-inflate, money the Canadian dollar, the Canadian loonie cn become worthless, what will always maintain its values is human capital, what people think, how people view the world, human innovation, human freedom, the pursuit of profits.

People like Bronwyn Oatley, who let’s be honest is a Justin Trudeau, Donald Trump type who inherited a large portion of their wealth, these people, often don’t know much about starting a business from scratch. Bronwyn Oatley obviously assumes that the Government has a lot to do with protecting his wealth, it’s important to remember that when Bronwyn Oatley gets charged a higher tax, he and the businesses he’s associated with will pass those costs onto the poor consumers. There’s this NDP, Liberal socialists myth that the government can control the SELLING PRICE!. The Government can not control the price a private business charges its consumers.

In Vancouver, if a property owner can make $1 million dollars for selling their 700 square foot condo, they’re not going to sell it for $10K? it’s not going to happen, if it did happen, the government would start to ask questions as to why, plus the government would lose money in taxes. This is the exact same thing that happens at grocery stores when the Government raises energy prices, even if the grocery store wants to give consumers rock bottom prices, the owners of those businesses better be careful that those prices aren’t too low, otherwise the government will start to crack down on those groceries stores and accuse those grocery stores of manipulating their prices to wipe their competitors. That dear reader is why I write extensively on Protectionism!

All forms of collectivism are usually derived from Protectionism, why people like me don’t care about immigration is because everybody deep down knows that the main causes of poverty is laziness and ignorance! In the public education system all over Canada, public school teachers in order to protect their own jobs often teach students to view the world in a particular way. Being that Bronwyn Oatley went to a private school, chances are he received a more robust education, I’m not sure what type of parents he had, but I’m adamant about teachers not brainwashing my children. Because even in the private schools there are socialists, but my money also has sway in the Private School system and I make sure that my children aren’t brainwashed by a teacher’s biased world view.

Clearly however Bronwyn Oatley qualifies as to what Thomas Piketty wrote the book titled “Capital in the Twenty-First Century”. Economists typically have their own world view, but it’s rare that you’ll get an economist that actually dives into the specifics for the effects of particular regulations and what happens after price control regulations are made law. Capital in the Twenty-First Century, Thomas Piketty similar to Bronwyn Oatley completely removes the individual from the equation and instead makes the assumption that tax policies created by the government were mostly positive, yet while I and Bronwyn Oatley enjoy these lives of luxury, people in Canada still experience poverty, mainly because PRICES ARE TO HIGH!

If those evil American Capitalists were able to sell us stuff, prices would be cheaper, furthermore food banks would probably have to throw away food instead of having shortages and instead of condos, there would be more apartment buildings because if the government wasn’t propping up the real estate market via the Bank of Canada and the CMHC and real money had to be used to build housing with the chance that the housing market could crash, more charities would be involved in building housing for the poor.

Because most charities aren’t market-based, but because the Canadian government via CMHC has decided that they’re going to incentivize a group of housing developers, well money gets thrown in areas that make the rich, richer and the poor poorer. Bronwyn Oatley isn’t self-made, he’ entitled, born into money, from my standpoint, he seems more like a Globalist, consider reading his article for yourself.

It’s Time For Ultra Rich Families Like Mine To Pay A Wealth Tax | Bronwyn Oatley Huffington Post

Interesting times ahead