Review – Is it a scam? is a job listing site that people can use to search for jobs in their chosen regional area and career field. In order to see the list of job postings, one is required to sign up for a free account.

Because JobsRadar is only a simple aggregate of jobs posted online either by employers themselves or by other job boards site, users might be asked to create an account with the job board or database where the job is originally posted.

JobsRadar claims to help users find job openings and provide them with information on job and salary listings, resume management, and career advancement tools .

What You Need to Know About Jobs Sites

With the surge of unemployment rate comes with the increasing number of job sites appearing almost every hour. However, many of these job sites have become more of a hub for sponsors and advertisers. Worse, your resume on these sites may not serve its purpose as advertising companies can use them to obtain your contact information.

Save yourself from all the hassle by sticking to reputable and legit job sites. It will also be wise to read the site’s privacy policy before you sign up and post your resume.

Final thoughts on

With its free account and helpful job-seeking resources, may appear to be an answered prayer for every job seeker. But you need to know that its privacy policy states that once you sign up, you agree to be mailed, emailed, and called by people offering certain products or services. If you’re not comfortable with it, then is not for you.

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