Review – Is it a scam?

Jobs2Shop of is a website that offers another money-making opportunity. This opportunity is on mystery shopping. The site connects and matches members to the largest mystery shopping companies. Members of the site do not only do mystery shopping but can also take surveys, test products, and even participate in focus groups.

In order to become a member of Jobs2Shop, you need is sign up and create a profile. Signing up is totally free of charge.

More about

As a member of Jobs2Shop, you can apply to as many assignments and choose the ones you’re most interested in. Compensation can vary from one company to another but the website claims that you can earn up to $75 for a single evaluation alone.

Payout is done through PayPal. It takes 8 weeks for Jobs2Shop to verify your completed work. Also, one of the requirements of the website is for you to sign up for their advertisers’ offers of which some will ask for your credit card details.

Final thoughts on

At a glance, the website looks like a legit hub for those looking for mystery shopping opportunities. However, with the way it works especially with the part that you have sign up for their advertisers’ offers just to get paid can be a little bit suspicious especially that some of these offers will ask for your credit card. These advertisers will also provide you free trial and if you do not cancel within the given period, you will be charge automatically for the cost of product or service.

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