Betting Big on The Wealth Effect: The Joe Biden Administration Redefining Recession Won’t Stop Government Malinvestment, The War On Fossil Fuels Continues #LateStageSocialism – July 26, 2022,

When people in positions of power don’t understand something, and they assume you’re just as ignorant as you are, they lie to your face in order to buy time. Based on my data, there’s a global slowdown coming, which could result in oil prices crashing, but that’s speculation on my part, and it’s one of the reasons I have money sidelined.

I’m certain I’m not the only person who sees this, but it should be noted that I don’t think the commodity crash will last for long, and what comes after the commodity crash, based on my data, is more consumer price inflation REGARDLESS of what the Federal Reserve does, however, if the Joe Bidens administration starts sending people checks in the mail, you’re going to have an acceleration of SHORTAGES because if commodity prices subside, the cost of DOMESTIC drilling for oil in the United States won’t be improved it will worsen because lower prices and higher cost equate to worsening MARGINS.

Without getting into specifics, an oil price crash in the next few weeks or months could lead an OPEC+ having a stranglehold on the energy markets. The worst part in all of this is that Joe Biden’s administration can claim a victory, assuming they’ve beat the OPEC cartel, but I warn the readers, costs are ALREADY low for OPEC+ countries, and they can survive YEARS at low prices on the U.S side this will lead to massive bankruptcies and I think this was the plan all along.

If you want me to be honest, I think Joe Biden is COMPROMISED. I have the same Hunter-Biden evidence everyone else has access to. What I’m getting at here is that Malinvestment leads to recession, and redefining recession won’t change that. During these next few weeks or months, you’d better understand what’s going on, because recessions are SHORTAGES. The Federal Reserve would be wise to keep raising rates to stop Joe Biden from spending, but if the commodity markets crash, they’ll have every excuse to lower them.


The Private banks have the same data I have access to, so I don’t see the private banks lending money indiscriminately; the only entity I see lending money recklessly moving forward are the Federal governments of Western nations who are banking BIG on the Wealth Effect. Have you ever watched one of those positive speaking webinars? Modern politicians are starting to sound like they’re trying to speak things into existence.

Yes, Politicians really are that dumb and if this is the first time you comprehended how stupid politicians are, welcome to the club, many of us have been trying to warn people about POLITICAL DEMOCRACY for a long time. Free market democracy has REAL checks and balances, and political democracy rewards morons, you may might want to blame Joe Biden, but apparently, Joe Biden received the most votes in U.S History, so do the people who voted for this buffoon get any of the blame?

Because crime is up in the U.S, the borders are wide open, and the President’s son is a Crackhead, who oddly enough has ties to Ukraine, Russia, and China, all three aforementioned nations being hostile to the United States? Joe Biden is hell-bent on destroying Domestic Fossil fuel production, which one could argue equates to Russia, China, and Ukraine cashing in. Russia is getting rich because of Biden, Ukraine is getting rich because of Biden (U.S sending Ukraine BILLIONS of dollars for weapons of war), and China is getting richer from Biden, as trade deficits between China and the U.S continue to worsen?

Now, lucky for Biden, in the modern world, most humans have a low economic and financial IQ, so this “wealth Effect” agenda, which includes redefining recession, along with the potential of a commodity sell-off, could give the Biden admin what they’re asking for TEMPORARILY… Those of you who understand what’s going on, pay close attention to the Federal government sending people free money because the CONFIDENCE in the U.S dollar is still strong.

Consumer price inflation is the direct result of Joe Bidens war on the PETRODOLLAR, limiting domestic fossil fuel production, but that doesn’t mean some producers aren’t going to notice the OBVIOUS, that new definition of recession, is as I’ve been calling it for years now #LateStageSocialism. I called it late-stage socialism because the socialists are running out of ideas, and I don’t own any rights to the Recession term lol.

But Late Stage Socialism is something I’ve been writing about for years now, and it’s getting closer. Nobody wants to let the U.S dollar die because the welfare states all over the world are BANKRUPT; I think it’s hilarious that the Russian economy on paper looks stronger than the U.S economy; that’s how bad things have gotten, and in my opinion, all signs point to AUSTERITY MEASURES as the only means to correct this madness!

Interesting times ahead!