How To Create a Blog And Make Money

How To Create a Blog And Make Money

How To Create a Blog And Make Money

In this post I will attempt to explain to you how to start a blog and make money in a few easy steps, I am not going to teach methods I do not know I won’t be explaining any free methods that rarely work nor will I waste time explaining fraudulent or spammy back link techniques that might get your blog banned from major search engines. In this post I will show you techniques that I have used and continue to use.

Before I begin I highly recommend creating a blog that is a reflection of you in some way shape or form if you try to be like me or anyone else the creation of your blog will feel like hard work instead of it being fun. Try to look at your Blog like a form of self-expression, I find that I have the most success whenever I create a website about something I love to do you can’t lose when you’re having fun!

How to Make a Blog

First thing you need to do is choose a content management system for blog publishing, and WordPress is by far the best choice. Signing up and launching a WordPress blog at is a simple, straightforward process that is quick and convenient. But before you can start a blog and make money you need to do a few things first

How to Start a Blog: First Steps on How to Make a Blog and Make Money

The first step in how to make a blog for money is to choose a topic for your blog, and then purchase a domain name that is relevant to that topic. Two efficient and reliable companies that offer domain names at reasonable prices are and

After acquiring your domain name, the next step is to find a hosting platform. Two of the best options areWP Engine and Host Gator, each of which offers hosting packages that specialize in wordpress however I will point out that WP Engine is far superior when it comes to speed, assistance and performance. Host Gator is the better option for people with little money but still want to get involved.

A quick note about Free Blogging networks

Yes free blogging services may provide domain names and hosting at no cost, but these services in my opinion are best avoided. These free sites place restrictions on advertising and allow you to retain only partial ownership of the content on your blog. Both of these are significant drawbacks when your goal in learning is to learn how to start a blog is to make money.

I’ve known several people that started blogging using free services like blogger they were making money and then one day blogger decided to shut them down because of one thing they did that received a complaint or complaints again when you use free blogging sites you risk losing all your hardwork without any prior notice which can destroy all of your hard work.

How to Make a Blog and Earn Money: Monetizing Your Blog

There are many ways to make money with a blog, including promoting goods and services you provide, selling advertising space, taking part in pay-per-post programs and participating in affiliate programs. You will also want to register with Google AdSense, Infolinks or other free advertising services or text link advertising companies, which will place advertisements on your website, based on its content and subject matter and pay you for each hit generated from your blog.

How to Make a Blog for Money: The Importance of Traffic

The more traffic you have on your website, the more hits your advertisers will receive, or the more products you will be able to move. Learning how to make a blog and make money is all about learning how to get people to your site. The primary way is through search engine optimization (SEO) techniques that improve your visibility in search results. An excellent source for information on how to make a blog search engine friendly and make money can be found at, which explains how to generate more Search engine traffic by creating content that is search-engine compatible and user-friendly. If you need help with SEO or creating content for your blog, you can also find professional writers at who will help create affordable, customized content for your blog or website.

How to Make a Blog and Start Making Money Long-Term

Blogging has become a popular form of expression for those who feel they have something to offer to the world, as well as an important marketing tool for entrepreneurs and business owners. Some only seek to share ideas and opinions about various topics with the like-minded; but for others, blogging is a way to make money. Whether covering a topic of personal interest or focusing on a promising niche market, you can learn how to make a blog and earn money by following these simple tips and getting started today.

Need Free Content

If you’re looking for free content to your wordpress blog I recently wrote about this very topic.

How to get free content for your WordPress blog automatically

If creating a blog and making money sounds too complicated for you consider visiting the Work From Home post where you can find other easy ways to make money online.