msicourse Review Is It a Scam

well in my instance the character named Melissa Johnson lives in Honeoye Falls, NY, which is very close to Buffalo New York oddly enough. Where does Melissa Johnson live for you? In the event you do not know the in this instance Melissa Johnson is nothing more than a fictional character used to give you the impression that everyday people are having success with Another thing i would like to point out that is not a real news website.

If you were like me you noticed the advertisement on fox news clicked it and it brought you to Being that i currently make my living online i can see these things a mile away, that being said i try to use this blog to help educate people best i can. Anyway lets deal with issue.

MSI Course Reviewed

First of all let me make it clear that i have not tried the the reason i personally i have chosen to stay away from is because well lets just say that Robert Allen doesn’t exactly have the best reputation online. I’m not saying Robert Allen’s  is anything like this but most Robert Allen products have allot of upsells which mean that as soon as you sign up for one Robert Allen product there will be another Robert Allen product to sign up for. Furthermore i don’t trust websites that don’t accept paypal which brings me to my next point.

The MSICourse Terms and conditions and their Guarantee

I usually tel people to read the terms and conditions before entering their credit card information online but i would also like to add call phone numbers and check customer support. The terms and conditions are usually the online documents that protect customers but in the case of all i see in their terms is a suspicious money back guarantee document. please read the terms and conditions on the before ordering. This information on my end can be found by going to if you can’t view i put it below i also highlight the parts i found interesting you be the judge.


Terms and Conditions

Satisfaction Guarantee

Individual Customers of Robert Allen Media and Prosper may request a full refund of any product purchased from Robert Allen Media after having tried the product for 365 days of purchase for any reason. Once refunded, the Customer agrees to remove or return any and all product whether in digital format or hard copy. If a customer has purchased a program from Robert Allen Media with a money-back guarantee, they have the right to request such refund by method of written proof stating how they applied techniques from the program and “put it to the test”, receiving unsatisfactory results. In order to grant the Customer this money-back guarantee, Robert Allen Media requires that proof be provided in written form and reserves the rights to review said written proof and grant or deny the refund request based on it’s review of written proof at their discretion. This money-back guarantee is limited to one per household.


My Final Thoughts on

Now honestly i don’t know what to make of that…??? it’s terms and conditions like that, that make me not trust Robert Allen and his products. Now i’m not trying to tell you what to do with your money all i am saying is that stuff looks fishy to me.  If you’d like to learn how to make money online for free or even work from home full time please visit the Work From Home page.

Also please leave information or your experience with Robert Allen’s MSI Course  below by sharing you help each other.